Proline Crates by 4Pets

Proline Crates by 4Pets

Exploring difficult terrain in the Canadian Rockies in your 4x4 – Your dog is safe at your side. Driving on the highways through the boundless desert of Nevada – Your dog travels comfortably with you. Manoeuvring through the narrow streets of an urban jungle – Your dog sits snug in its dog-box. 4pets ProLine, developed by professionals for professionals or simply everyone who refuse to compromise when it comes to the transportation of their dog.

Be sure to be safe! Approved by the rigorous inspection of the TÜV SÜD the ProLine performed outstandingly in the crash test and also in every other area covered by the comprehensive test, and provides certified safety for you and your dog.

Consequently, 4pets ProLine crates are proven to be one of the strongest and toughest range of dog-boxes in the world – and that’s a fact. Virtually no other crate offers you and your dog as much quality in combination with a timeless design.

Thanks to the 13 different models available the ProLine is as individual as your dog, your car and you.

ProLine crates have been developed not just to meet your highest expectations about safe and comfortable dog transportation but to exceed it. 4pets dog-boxes are made in Switzerland and set new standards in terms of workmanship, design, handling as well as safety and product ethics.

In many parts of the world, a dog-box is already the most common and appreciated safety transportation system.

After years of testing and gathering experience, leading automobile and pet associations in Europe are convinced that a correctly used dog-box is the safest way to transport your dog and promote stable, high quality metal dog-boxes, such as the 4pets ProLine, as the safest way to transport a dog in a vehicle.

To guarantee adequate safety, quality, durability as well as functionality, every dog safety transportation systems for vehicles should undergo inspection by independent and recognized technical service organizations or authority. Self-conducted safety and crash test do not provide certified, independent and/or impartial judgment and safety. Actually, they can be dangerous and misleading. This concern is also addressed by a leading US pet non-profit organization. They want to create a unified safety standard for harnesses and other safety products in the pet industry.

Therefore, all 4pets safety transportation systems undergo safety testing by the TÜV SÜD, the world leading technical service organizations. Founded in 1866 in Germany, the TÜV SÜD is a highly specialized testing and product certification company with particularly extensive experience in the automotive industry. They are obliged to guarantee the compliance with internationally standards and legal requirements. Consequently, the TÜV SÜD product certification marks issued base on standards set according to internationally recognized benchmarks. Therefore, TÜV tests guarantee consumer to buy a safe and sound product.


The 4pets ProLine crates are the first in the world with an official TÜV SÜD certification and only independent safety tested till date. The Pro-Line passed the rigorous tests in every aspect and have been awarded with the TÜV SÜD certification (Certification nr. B 13 01 29106 011) on February 18th, 2013.

Following criteria have been tested in the certification process of the TÜV SUD:


·         Test drives on bad road - Belgian block test drive

·         Technical documentation

·         Fixation in the vehicle

·         Non-positive connections

·         Cover pipe ends / risk of injury

·         Shearing and crushing points

·         Screws

·         Connection points

·         Welded joints

·         Rivets

·         Corrosion protection

·         Safety against rupture

·         Locks

·         Labeling

·         User manuals

·         General information and directives

·         General legal directives

·         Safety instructions

·         Fulfillment REACH regulation  

The Crashtest:

The 4pets ProLine dog-boxes have been mounted on a sledge and loaded with reference weights of up to 55kg (121.2 pounds). This setup is equivalent to a dog-box in a car trunk with a folded-down rear bench. To comply with the TÜV-SUD provisions it had been required that a dog does not break through the back panel in case of a head-on collision. The tests have been executed with a speed of 50 kmph (31 mph).The force generated during such tests are approximately equivalent to the twentyfold weight of the load in the crate. All the crates have passed these tests with excellent results. Additionally there have been test drives on a bad road (Belgian block test drives) with 25 kmph (15.5 mph) with following criteria: There must be no permanent deformations, which impair the function; cargo must still be in secured condition; no breakdown of the attachment parts; attachment parts must not loosen and doors must not open. The ProLine crates also passed these tests and all the other above listed and tested aspects with excellent results.


TÜV SÜD and 4pets are very well aware of the fact that people normally do not drive with their back seat down. A back seat in its normal upright position provides additional resistance in case of an impact. The TÜV crash-test for the ProLine has been carried out under aggravated conditions. In case of the ProLine, this was with a folded down rear bench to investigate if the included straps could hold the crate in its position and the animal does not break through the back panel during a crash. The ProLine passed all tests under these aggravated conditions. Consequently, in the normal every day situation with the extra resistance of the upright rear bench to the back panel of the ProLine, it is even safer.


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