Dazzling Paws Jewellery

Dazzling Paws Jewellery

Dazzling Paws Jewelry line of pet-themed jewelry in Sterling Silver!

Thery offere paw print; dog bone & heart themed jewelry, some of which contain semi-precious stones Dazzling Paws also offers a large selection of dog breed designs, many all of which have a unique artistic flair! Most their breed designs incorporate a symbol tgat related back to what the dog is bred for or a connection to that specific breed.

The Dazzling Paws Jewelry charms are 100% handmade in the USA from Recycled Sterling Silver.

Because there is such a passion for dog sports (agility; fly-ball; rally & obedience) they also offer Sterling Silver dog sport jewelry pieces as well!

Be sure to check out the extraordinaryly detailed dog agility jewelry, including agility training equipment that looks real!

Theur exclusively designed charms include the dog walk, teeter, A-Frame/tunnel, weave poles, jumps and more.

You can choose from charms and/or earrings for dog obedience, rally-o, Flyball and herding! 

Make your own personal statement about your relationship and hobbies by wearing some amazing Dog-Sport or pet-themed jewelry! 

U-Pet Wellness is one of a very limited number of Canadian retailers of this beautiful line of dog themed jewelry! 

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