Why is a crate pad with BOTH ceramics AND magnetic so great?

  • HS ICM Pads offers a unique combination of infused ceramic AND magnetic (ICM) fabric that has a healing effect and can also prevent injuries and facilitate rehabilitation!
  • The ceramic picks up infrared waves from your dog's body heat within a defined area, stimulating blood circulation, the lymphatic system and increased cellular energy in the form of ATP/cell growth. 
  • Blood circulation can quickly increase up to 80%, which promotes a reduction in swelling; leads to improved removal of waste products and faster detoxification after hard work or injury!
  • The magnetic relaxes the capillary walls and surrounding muscles and soft tissue., improving oxygen and blood flow!
  • With increased circulation and oxygenation from the magnetic therapy, there is enhanced penetration from the ceramic's far-infrared action which delivers added comfort, relaxation, well-being and faster recovery!
  •  Infused Ceramic Magnetic combined therapy is ideal for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia and joint stiffness PLUS can also be used to help aid in fracture healing, back problems, muscular pain, tendon and ligament injuries!
  • You can use ICM Pads to ensure the dog's muscles are slack and relaxed before and after activity; competition and training
 Available Sizes: 18" x 18" - $25.00

                      18" x 28" - $50.00

                      18" x 35" - $60.00

** Please allow 7-10 days order to shipping.


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Therapeutic Infused Ceramic-Magnetic Pad (ICM) by H-S

  • Brand: H-Sport NA
  • Product Code: Infused Ceramic-Magnetic Pad by HS
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  • $25.00

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